Free Works

The SadPad

Do your hardworking mouse a soft favor or just stop being the saddest face in your office. There is a variety of useful applications.

If you are interested in one bad-tempered (home)office companion for the price of 20€, just write me a mail.

ML Medusa

AI-syntheses from 2021

Vibin 2020

Series from summer 2020

Eugen van Stiphaut Archiv

I created the 'Eugen van Stiphaut Archiv' as part of my bachelor thesis. Eugen van Stiphaut was my grandfather, who died in 1996. His countless, and from my point of view still relevant works were unsorted in a cellar.

After sifting through and archiving them, I created a catalog and a more comprehensive online archive. Followed by an exhibition at the Nina Sagt Gallery, Düsseldorf.


Explore his works and life on

Circadiane Rhythmik

'Circadiane Rhythmik' is my contribution to Manuel Boden's 'Twilight Zine' from 2018.

The two-page work shows the digital sleep cycle of 7 acquaintances over a duration of 10 days. The data was collected through Facebook's Messenger API and then translated into an analog medium and aesthetic.

Since we use Messenger as soon as we are awake, the usage data represents physical sleep duration and daily rhythm.
The data can be freely tapped by any of your Facebook "friends".

Primeras Impresiones

A series of collages used for DJ Rasputins radioshow 'Primeras Impresiones' on callshop radio .

Also physicaly available as a printed calendar.