Posterdesign for 'Global Ghetto', representing contemporary dance music in the digital age

Concept, posterdesign and online-flyer for 'Beware - No Sleep' Rave

Posterdesign for the first 'Gun Range' featuring Ghetto-Tech ledgend DJ Assault

Coverdesign, track-illustrations and video creation for Aresonas first album 'Homecoming', released on candomblé

Interactive website project, allowing the user to arrange facial parts on various heads

Poster series for Düsseldorf based techno party 'Beweggrund'

Interactive website aiming on Generation-Y and their rising pressure of being happy

Posterdesign for the 'candomblé' label showcase at 'Golzheim' Club

Coverdesign for the second 'Aiwo Rec.' vinyl release

Logodesign for 'Ravereport', connecting people interested in nightlife all around Düsseldorf. Therefore I also coded an old fashioned php-Forum

Posterdesign for the 'Reeperbahn Festival 2016' poster competition (second place)

Posterdesign for the second 'candomblé' party

The last six of over 25 posters for the party series 'baked beats'

Logodesign for the cologne based techno crew 'triskaideka'

Posterdesign for 'Gun Range' featuring 'Detroit In Effect' and the record release of 'The 5 Elements, Water & Air EP' by DJ Normal 4 and Bufiman

Third posterdesign for the Düsseldorf based techno party 'Timeframe'

Posterdesign for 'root:'

Posterdesign for the first 'candomblé' event

Posterdesign for the House special of 'Timeframe'

Coverdesign for the candomblé podcast by 'Latete'

Webdesign for 'Trinkhalle Stehcafé' representing the musical part of the 'Düsseldorfer Büdchentag'

Posterdesign for 'Volt'

Digital collage series called: Grayscale

Sesual web application (desktop use only)

Video collage I did for 'Warning' rave at ://about blank. Basic design and typo by Planet Luke

Cover design for 'Check Your Reality' Record. Released by Candomblé´

Header design for S.O.N.S & DJ NORMAL 4 at Acephale, Cologne

Live Visuals for several Events

Vinyl Artwork for Aiwo records Phaser Boys EP [Aiwo005]

Web Banner for Themes For Great Cities 8th anniversary at Carhartt WIP Store Düsseldorf

Limited edition Themes For Great Cities x Carhartt Shirt

Event Artwork for Candomblé at Salon des Amateurs

Serial Artwork for Rasputins Radio Show 'Primeras Impresiones' on Callshop Radio

Poster for Fundus Record Store's Party at Golzheim Club

Vinyl Artwork for 'Rave Racing Tophits vol.1' compilation. Out on Oiwa, subdivision of Aiwo rec.

Oiwai (engl. a Party) // Poster and Header for Aiwo rec. Party as Griessmühle, Berlin

Design & Teaser Video for Candomblés second Beware rave

Cover design for Drugface - Just A Game. Out on Party Central. co-op with Thomas von Party

FB Artwork for Salon des Amateurs